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Boot Exchange

 14th September 2016

Has your son or daughter grown out of those brand new football boots already? And they are still in too good a condition to simply throw away? And now you have to spend another small fortune on the latest and greatest pair of boots for your future football star?

Well, Drogheda Boys would like to help.

Instead of throwing away those boots which are now too small, why not simply exchange them for another pair? 

We would like to start a brand new initiative whereby all parents of Drogheda Boys footballers can donate their old football boots to the club. We will then make your boots available to any other child within the club who is in need of a pair.

I still don't understand how it works?

Here's an example .. your son or daughter received a brand new pair of boots for their birthday a couple of months ago. However, they are now already too small. Instead of forking out for a new pair, you can bring your childs boots to Drogheda Boys and exchange them for another pair which will fit your child.

My child has loads of old football boots at the end of the wardrobe, but we don't need a new pair. Can we still donate them?

Absolutely. The more pairs of boots we receive, the more children we can help out.

My child needs a pair of boots but we don't have any old ones to exchange.

That's no problem. We are running this initiaitve to help out every member of our club. Come along and pick out a pair of boots that will fit your child.

Is this free? Can I just take a pair of boots?

If you are taking a new pair of boots, regardless of whether you have donated an old pair or not, we ask that you make a small donation to the club. It is completely up to you to decide how much you would like to donate.

Where and when can we excahnge our boots?

We would like to operate the boot exchange every second Saturday at our pitches in Marley's Lane.

This sounds great. When can we start?

Well, that's the catch. As we are a volunteer club, we need volunteers. We need your help. If anyone would like to help run the Boot Exchange please get in touch with us via Facebook or by using the contact us form on our website homepage. 

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