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Falling for DBFC

30th March 2017

This is it. The first fundraising phase of our new club house. Rory and Sinead are the brave souls who will jump from a plan on our behalf.

So how is a sky dive going to help us build our club house? Well, first of all, who doesnt want to see Rory & Sinead pushe ... ahem .. jump from a plane? We are hoping ALOT of people will get behind and sponsor the two Drogheda Boys heroes. 

All funds raised from the sky dive will go directly into our planning phase. Before a shovel can go in the ground, we will first need to get the right people in to help guide us on how to maximise our potential. We want to plan for and build the best possible club house for all of our players, parents, and members. Something we can all be proud of. 

But, we need to start somewhere. And that somewhere is Rory & Sinead falling for Drogheda Boys.

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