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Drogheda Boys Trial Dates set

6th June 2016

Drogheda Boys will be carrying out trials for our u12 to u16 teams on the following dates.


Assessments for our u8 to u11 teams will be invitation only, based on attendance at our upcoming Paddy Mooney Soccer School. 


U12 - 2005

July 9th, 10:00am

July 14th, 7:00pm

July 17th, 10:00am


U13 - 2004

July 2nd, 11:30am

July 5th, 7:00pm

July 9th, 11:30am


U14 - 2003

July 3rd, 10:30am

July 6th, 7:00pm

July 10th, 10:30am


U15 - 2002

July 2nd, 10:00am

July 5th, 7:30pm

July 9th, 10:00am


U16 - 2001

July 3rd - 11:00am

July6th - 7:30pm

July 10th - 11:00am

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